Terms of Service

Article 1 (Limitations)
  1. The terms of service specify the terms of all services (hereinafter ‘the Service’) provided on this site by co-meeting Inc. (hereinafter ‘the Company’). Users of this service (hereinafter ‘the User’) can use the Service according to the specified terms.
  2. In addition to the Terms of Service listed in this document, specified regulations (including helps and notes) constitute part of the Terms of Service. Please take note of this point.
Article 2 (Login ID and Password)
  1. The Service uses your Google Account to login.
  2. With regard to your Google Account, it conforms to the terms of serice and the privacy policy of Google Inc.
  3. The Company shall not be liable at all for any damage resulting from use of the registered e-mail address or password by a third party, unless it is caused by the Company's willful or gross negligence.
Article 3 (Prohibited items)
  1. Following is a list of prohibited items/acts when using the service. When you commit a prohibited act, we may terminate the service, deregister or terminate any future access to the service provided to the User.
    1. Giving false User registration details.
    2. When the User breaches the Terms of Service.
    3. When the User does not use the service for a certain period of time after user registration.
    4. When a User attempts special access outside normal usage without using a Web browser.
    5. When a user publishes a large load of requests to this site, and places burden on the system.
    6. Unauthorized use of another User’s Cacoo ID or password.
    7. An act equivalent to unauthorized access or cracking.
    8. Illegal acts.
    9. An act involving a crime.
    10. An act which violates intellectual property rights including copyright and patent.
    11. Acts that disturb public order and morals.
    12. Acts which are interpreted as socially inappropriate behavior.
    13. When the Company judges an act as inappropriate, etc.
Article 4 (Indemnity)
  1. The Company shall not have any obligation to compensate for the damage of users or third parties in relation to the delivery of services, delay, modification, cease, termination, suspension or abolishment, leak or deletion of data by sending or accepting, exchanging or storing using the service, infringement of third parties, or other services.
  2. The Company shall not warrant any service or information in relation to the service including warranty on integrity, validity, reliability and availability.
Article 5 (User Responsibility)
  1. When problems arise in the service between Users or the User and third party, it is their responsibility to resolve the problems at their own expense. The Company does not bear any responsibility.
  2. With regard to the information registered and disclosed by the User in the Service, it is the responsibility of the User. The Company does not bear any responsibility.
  3. With regard to the information posted by the User in the Service, it conforms to the terms of serice and the privacy policy of each Company.
Article 6 (Service Content)
  1. The Service is provided free of charge and a pilot service.
  2. The Company may add, change, suspend, or stop the Service at any time and for any reason corresponding to its circumstances.
Article 7 (Change of the Terms of Service)
  1. The Company may amend the terms without notice. When the terms change, we will not notify the user individually so please be sure to check the latest Terms of Service on this site regularly.
  2. Amendments shall become effective from when they are displayed on this site.
  3. The User shall be deemed to have agreed to all of the contents described in the changed Terms of Service when he/she uses the Service after the change of the Terms of Service becomes effective.
Article 8 (Governing Law)
The Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
Article 9 (Court of Jurisdiction)
The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for any and all disputes arising from the Terms of Use.
Article 10 (Governing Language)
These Terms of Service are provided in both Japanese and English. In case of a discrepancy between the Japanese and the English, the Japanese version will take precedence.